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From March 30th to April 6th 2019, I took a road trip around Arizona. My boyfriend is originally from Phoenix and his friends were getting married on the 5th. Having never been to Arizona myself, we decided to travel to some of the best places Arizona has to offer.

We first stopped at the Grand Canyon. I had no idea that the Canyon was nestled in next to a massive national forest. I always thought of it as this barren area of desert with no life, but there was a full town on the south bend filled with restaurants, shops, and hotel resorts for people wanting to make a full trip out of the canyon. While a little chilly, it was a nice and sunny day and I was able to take a few minutes to just sit, meditate, and enjoy the view.

We next traveled up to the small town of Page, Arizona along the border of Utah to the Navajo Reservation for a tour of Antelope Canyon. A small area of rock minutely carved through from water, this narrow canyon is home to some of the best photos due to the way the sunlight permeates its walls and curves.

These are some of the best photos I've ever taken (all on my iPhone X). TRAVELER'S NOTE: They no longer allow bags on the tour, even something small like fanny packs, due to vandalism. Make sure you wear a jacket or something with pockets to keep your phone, keys, etc.

We next traveled down through Flagstaff on our way to Sedona. We stopped at a small coffee shop called Macy's European Coffeehouse which had the most delicious food. I had the pesto mozzarella sandwich and I almost ordered another for the road it was so beyond yummy.

On our way down to Sedona, we drove down through Oak Creek Canyon. While we didn't have time to stop, the forested canyon was picturesque and the cabins/hotels you could book made me want to spend a a single trip down there and sit outside next to the creek and read and write.

Sedona was our last stop on our way back to Phoenix for the wedding and we spent a couple of hours looking through the shops and looking at the red rocks from downtown. It was lively and there was a gorgeous sunshine out with a small breeze to keep us cool. It was a great end to our little road trip.



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