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How I Became Happy

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

I used to always be the kind of person who lied around in her room with my Netflix and social media. I didn't go out very often, I didn't always do the readings I needed to do for class, and I generally felt bad about myself. It was making me miserable. Recently, I decided to turn my life around. I wanted to feel better about myself and I wanted to be more active in everyday life. And here is how I did it. (Disclaimer: This is based on how I define a happy, healthy lifestyle. I am not suggesting that this is the only way to be happy, this is my personal experience.)

1. Pinterest.

Since I've started using Pinterest regularly (shameless self-promotion here), I've found so many things that have motivated me to get my life in check. I have so many boards of the things I like, such as new fitness and food ideas. It's a great way to keep your mind organized.

2. Studyblr.

OK, this one sounds really weird, but I swear it's great. This is how I became motivated to get my schoolwork done. You've heard of Tumblr, right? Basically, studyblr is a community of people on Tumblr that make posts of their notes and their planners and they help others stay motivated to learn. They also share great resources, such as language conjugation helpers and printables that help you stay organized.

3. Make a schedule.

Stemming off of number two, I made a schedule. You can do this however you feel best fits you, but I've used a combination of Google Calendar and a personalized planner called a Bullet Journal. This way, I know everything that I have to get done in a day and I feel accomplished when I go to bed at night. I also don't lie in bed worrying about all the things I need to do the next day.

4. Vegetables.

Just healthy foods in general, really. I started cutting out unhealthy foods from my diet. I was already a vegetarian before I started eating healthier, but I've since cut out all greasy foods and have tried to eat more fruits and vegetables rather than foods that are high in unhealthy fats and simple carbs. I've had much more energy.

5. Exercise.

I've become more excited about working out. It's not that I didn't like working out before, I just never had the motivation to get off of my lazy butt and do it. Now that I have, I feel amazing. I go for a run, do yoga, or do simple basic workouts like pushups and sit-ups every day and as long as you make the time for it, you will be rewarded. After all, exercising releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! (And happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't.)

6. Skincare, skincare, skincare.

I've created a process for taking care of my skin every single day. I wash my face multiple times a day, use moisturizer and eye cream, and I've started using toner. My face has cleared up so much and it helps you get ready for the day when you splash some cold water on your face. You also feel set for bed when you finish off with some lotion. And two words: coconut oil. It's literally a life saver.

7. GO OUT.

Just stay out of the house for as long as you can every day. I find the more I'm out of the house, the more I'm motivated to do things that I need to get done. If you're bored, go for a run. If you need to study, go to the library or coffee house instead of tucked away in your dark room. The brighter atmosphere will help raise your spirits without even needing to talk to anyone.

Originally published April 18, 2016.



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